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When’s the last time you’ve had a plumber come to your house? On average, it’s about 7 years per home. We will gladly perform a complimentary home inspection for you with any additional work you have us perform. On average, it takes about 10-15 minutes for a visual inspection of the home. Here is a list of what we perform during a home inspection.

  • Dye test toilets to check for water leaks from the tank into the bowl.
  • Visually inspect water heater, try to find age on Manufacturer Cover Plate, inspect for any safety violations.
  • Attempt to locate the home Water Shut Off Valve and Sewer Access Cleanout. Every homeowner should know how to turn the water off in case of an emergency and show the plumber where to run his Cable Machine in case their home sewer gets backed up!
  • Visually look at the water connections to the Washer Machine, Lavatory Faucets, Kitchen Faucet, and Refrigerator Icemaker Line. Did you know that most PVC supply lines are recommended to be replaced about every 5 years? When we have to replace a line, we replace it with a braided steel line, which greatly lowers the chance of having the supply line fail and cause a pressurized water leak.
  • When looking underneath cabinets, we will look to see if there has been any evidence of a water leak from the drain or underneath the faucet.
  • Check the Air Conditioner pan in the attic to see if any water is in the pan. Under normal operation, the Air Conditioner has condensation which typically drains to a Bathroom sink. If this line gets clogged, it will backflow into the Air Conditioner and drip into the pan. If you ever see a pipe from your window or near the roof top that is constantly dripping, this is a good indicator that there is a drainage issue on the Air Conditioner!
  • Fill up and drain the bathroom and kitchen sinks to make sure no leaks present.
  • Turn on the Kitchen Sink Disposal with water running to test for leaks.
  • Professional, timely, and excellent communication! My shower drain was clogging up frequently. James came out and was able to find the problem....nails! Apparently the builders allowed nails to go down the drain and did not take them out. He was able to remove them all and my drain has worked perfectly since. Will definitely use again!

    Dana R.
  • James did a great job in diagnosing and fixing my garbage disposal. A definite A+ in reliability and honesty! I would definitely recommend his services.

    Eileen N.
  • Had the opportunity for James to work in my home on a couple of projects. I was upgrading my bathroom when the tile installer was unable to install the toilet. James came in and not only installed one but suggested I get a taller one with a more efficient water consumption. My shower head was old and stained he brought in a new shower head that is beautiful and completed my new look. He was quick courteous and professional. I can enjoy my bath area and can say to James, job well done!

  • Awesome guy and great service! He got us fixed under budget and on a Saturday. He was on time, knowledgeable, and professional. We definitely will use him in the future. If any one needs a great plumber give James a call.

    Kyle K.


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