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Are the water pipes in your home made of Galvanized Piping? Galvanized and Copper were the most popular materials to plumb a house with back in the 70’s and 80’s. Both were a decent choice at the time, but as the years have passed and many Water Municipalities have switched to treating their water with Chloramine, many of the homes with Galvanized Pipes are now experiencing leaks. Many times, you are not just repairing the leak, but also the sheetrock, wood flooring, and carpet that the leak may affect on its way down as well.

A full solution to this issue is to replace all the Galvanized Water Piping with a better material. Our experience has shown “Uponor” PEX to be the best material to repipe a house with currently. Uponor also is willing to back their product up to 25 years*, which shows a very strong belief in their product! Copper is a good, but expensive option. We prefer not to repipe using CPVC, as it is our belief that both Uponor and Copper have a better tolerance to the extreme summer temperatures in our climate.

At By The Book Plumbing, we specialize in affordable home repiping.  Call 281-907-2092 or click below to schedule a free consultation.

  • Professional, timely, and excellent communication! My shower drain was clogging up frequently. James came out and was able to find the problem....nails! Apparently the builders allowed nails to go down the drain and did not take them out. He was able to remove them all and my drain has worked perfectly since. Will definitely use again!

    Dana R.
  • James did a great job in diagnosing and fixing my garbage disposal. A definite A+ in reliability and honesty! I would definitely recommend his services.

    Eileen N.
  • Had the opportunity for James to work in my home on a couple of projects. I was upgrading my bathroom when the tile installer was unable to install the toilet. James came in and not only installed one but suggested I get a taller one with a more efficient water consumption. My shower head was old and stained he brought in a new shower head that is beautiful and completed my new look. He was quick courteous and professional. I can enjoy my bath area and can say to James, job well done!

  • Awesome guy and great service! He got us fixed under budget and on a Saturday. He was on time, knowledgeable, and professional. We definitely will use him in the future. If any one needs a great plumber give James a call.

    Kyle K.


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